Members of the House 

After much deliberation and discussion, the Speakers and other members of MSSNY Leadership have made the decision to revise our 2020 House of Delegates meeting.  We will NOT meet in person in Tarrytown this year. 

As we in the physician community are too well-aware, the public health situation right now changes every hour.  We agreed it made no sense to put our physicians and staff at risk, and indeed, we are acutely aware that many of you have been forbidden to travel or attend meetings. Some have already contacted MSSNY headquarters to express substantial concern about attending the HOD because of the current health situation.  We absolutely “get it.” 

The Speakers, our Executive Vice President, MSSNY leaders and senior staff are currently formulating a plan for a meeting that can be conducted by virtual and electronic means.  It will not be the same experience as always, but we expect that the business of the House CAN be accomplished.  We hope to plan the activities around the same core dates of April 22-26, but that may need to change as we examine what it will take to get a virtual meeting set up and in working order.  

We will keep you informed as the “new” HOD takes shape.  Information will be posted on the MSSNY website and emailed to you individually as we get plans in place.  

To make this happen will require the help, understanding and ingenuity of all our delegates.  We appreciate your understanding during these extraordinary times and further ask for your cooperation and flexibility.  Feel free to forward any comments to  

With our thanks and best wishes for your safety and good health. 

William R. Latreille, MD  

Maria Basile, MD
Vice Speaker 

Arthur C. Fougner, MD

Bonnie Litvack, MD

Philip A. Schuh, CPA
Executive Vice President