Members of the House of Delegates:

The Speakers’ letter sent out on July 21 has garnered much feedback and discussion as to the timing of our virtual MSSNY 2020 HOD.  The August 23 date was chosen so that Council would have adequate time to deal with referred resolutions that were considered important to present to the AMA Interim meeting planned for November.  Of particular concern were those resolutions dealing with the Covid-19 Pandemic.  

After extensive discussion, leadership has decided to move the virtual HOD to our original planned date of September 13.  In so doing, however, there will be a change in the way some resolutions will be handled in order to provide the MSSNY Council with adequate time to address urgent items.

All reference committee reports will be posted on the MSSNY website by Monday, August 10.  This would equate to what delegates would normally see on Saturday morning at a traditional HOD.  Your Speakers, with the help of staff and input from the executive committee of Council, will have earmarked certain resolutions thought to be of particular importance for consideration at the September 17 Council meeting and introduction at the AMA Interim Meeting. Those items will be highlighted so members of the House can identify them. Delegates may email comment on those resolutions, but we request that all comments related to those resolutions be completed and submitted before Monday, August 24.  This will afford staff and Council time to review and reach decision on those resolutions during the Council meeting on September 17.  Their management of those resolutions will be posted following that meeting.  All other resolutions can be caucused on and discussed up until Friday, September 11.  It would be technically impossible to have this testimony at our virtual HOD.

On Sunday, September 13 at 1 PM, the 2020 MSSNY HOD will convene virtually and deal with the rest of the remaining resolutions as previously outlined in the last Speakers letter:

The consent calendars for each reference committee will be considered individually,
 minus the resolutions that have already been forwarded to Council.  Extractions from the remaining items on the consent calendar will then be requested.  Once all the extractions for a given reference committee have been identified, the House will be asked to approve the consent calendar minus the extractions.  Each extraction from that reference committee will then be addressed individually without further debate in one of two ways.  The House will either vote to refer the resolution to Council or accept the resolution as presented by the reference committee.  This will be done by majority vote.  After the House, there will be a time period during which further email testimony can be presented by delegates on the referred resolutions only.  These resolutions, along with any testimony provided will be dealt with at future Council meetings with the help of appropriate committee input.

Your Speakers recognize that these changes may create concern, but we are trying to accommodate the needs and schedule of the MSSNY Council, the objectives of our resolution process and the will of our Delegates.  With as much input as we could gather, we ultimately had to make a firm decision in order for the House of Delegates to proceed.  These are unchartered waters for our Society and maximum participation from our Delegates is needed if this House is to be successful.  More details regarding this event will be forthcoming, but there will be no further changes to the HOD schedule.

William R. Latreille, MD                                          Maria A. Basile, MD
Speaker                                                                     Vice Speaker

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