2019 Memos in Support and Opposition


A4892 S3269 Sudden Cardiac Arrest

A5425 S4269 Grants Gateway DANY

S.2248 Creation of Suicide Task Force

S.4469-A.3822-B Eye Drops

S1819-A.3276 Maternal Mortality

S2833 A558 Tobacco 21

S2847-A3038 Prior Authorization

S3462 A2393 Collective Negotiations

S4336 A6163 Rear Passenger Seatbelts

S5131 Hearing Aids

S5280-A5140 MOC

S.2849 Prescription drug formulary changes during a contract year

S.2374 Firearm safety Re: background checks

A.47-S.428 E-Cigarettes

A. 2904 Treatment of Substance Abuse Disorders

A.389 S.592 Tobacco Free Pharmacy

A.2371 S.2994 Eliminate Religious Exemption Vaccines

A.2969 S.2849 Mid-Year Formulary Changes

A.2998-S.1799 Expedited Therapy

A.3077 S.4335 Uniform Credentialing

A.3918 Dispensing of Partially Filled Prescriptions

A1034 S4183 E-Prescription Exemption

A1164 S1801 Qualified Group Practice Confidentiality

A2835 S3463 Due Process

A3076 Peer Review


A.1193-A Optometrist Scope Expansion

A.2982-S.1812 Fluoroscopy

A.7467 S.5657 Med Marijuana Expansion

A.8256 Opioid Medications

A821-S2834 Laser Hair Removal

A2372-S.6081 Settling Tortfeasor

A2373 S.6552  Third Party Payouts

A5612 - S4006 Wrongful Death

A6023 School Forms

A6185 - S5395 Podiatry 

A7599 - S6335 Hearsay

S.1527B A1671B Marijuana Adult Use

S.4975 A 6486 Pharmacist Vaccines Hep A B HPV

S.5092 CLIA Waived Test

S.5150 A.5603B Coprescribing an Opioid Antagonist

S2888-A318 Maternity Patients

S4006 A5612 Wrongful Death

S5575A A5635A Security Breach Notification

S6194-A2370 Ex Parte

S.5227-A.6311 Immununizations

S.1507 Opposition to Budget Provision to Cut Reimbursement for Dual-Eligible Medicaid-Medicare Patients

A.2932 Use of fluoroscopy by physician assistants

A.688 Adding autism to the list of conditions covered for lawful medical use of marihuana