Members of the House of Delegates:

Your Speakers are pleased to inform you that the 2020 Reference Committee reports have been posted to the MSSNY website. You will find them here:
As with all ‘members-only’ areas of the website, you will need to sign in with your MSSNY member login in order to access the reports. 

Delegates may certainly offer comments on any of the items within the reference committee reports or indicate that they will be extracting additional items during the September 13 meeting.  As noted in the letter sent out on August 5, you may send comments to  Extractions you intend to make must be sent to this email address only.

When you access reference committee reports on the MSSNY website, click on the link for a particular ref com report.  That link will direct you to and allow you to view the report in 

You will see a text box to the right of the report that says: “Enter your thoughts here.”

For those who have an existing Dropbox account, it will ask you to sign in to comment.  (If you prefer to choose Google or Apple an additional pop up will appear prompting you to sign into that account
 authorizing a connection with Dropbox through your Google or Apple account.

Dropbox is an alternative to emailing your Reference Committee comments to  All comments posted on the Dropbox pages will be public, anyone signed in will be able to view them and you will have the ability to respond to comments posted by others.  A dialogue on the reference committee recommendations can be established using Dropbox.

You may comment anywhere within the document; the page number next to your comment will change automatically as you move through the document. You may also highlight text and a comment icon will appear allowing you to comment on the highlighted text.  The highlighting feature works only on a desktop browser and not on mobile apps. Conversations can also be created by replying to any existing comments. 

If you are viewing Dropbox on a smartphone or tablet, please download the Dropbox app

iOS users 
click here to download.
Android users click here to download 

Items that are highlighted in BLUE, are those items the Speakers will be extracting and forwarding to the September 17 Council meeting.  We encourage comments on these extracted items. Any comments on Speaker extractions will be archived and shared with Council.  Please forward your comments on Speaker extractions by August 24.

Delegates may indicate their intent to extract other items from the reference committee reports between August 10 and September 11.  It will be noted in YELLOW on the ref com reports that a member of the House is considering extracting an item during the HOD meeting.  Those items MUST be confirmed when the Speakers call for extractions on September 13.  Indicating you intend to extract an item is not equivalent to an actual extraction during the House.  Items not confirmed for extraction during the HOD meeting will be returned to the status recommended by the reference committee.

Please have your reference committee comments posted no later than Friday, September 11.

We hope the use of Dropbox will foster a sense of debate as it usually takes place at our House of Delegates meetings.  Providing testimony during the House of Delegates meeting on September 13 will not be possible, but we believe that by using these tools, the meeting will successfully achieve its purpose when completed.

Our next communication will provide you with information about the election of New York Delegates to the American Medical Association and our plans for you to vote your ballot.

William R. Latreille, MD                                  Maria A. Basile, MD
Speaker                                                          Vice Speaker


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