MSSNY was pleased to host a dinner meeting in August to bring together physicians of Bangladesh heritage. Masoom Qadeer, MD, had expressed to MSSNY President Charles Rothberg, MD, the desire shared by many of his colleagues to be part of a broad interest professional association through which they could engage in activities that would appeal to their professional and social concerns.  They agreed that the best way to do this would be under the auspices of MSSNY. 

The following individuals were named to a committee that will organize the Caucus and launch a membership drive:   

Masoom Qadeer, MD 

Co- Chairs:
Syed Rahman, MD
Muhammad Alam, MD 

Syeda Hossain, MD 

Executive Members:
Husna Sidique, MD
Lutfa Khanam, MD
Ziaur Rahman, MD
S. Yasmin Rahman, MD
Md Yusufal Mamoon, MD
Shah Giashuddin, MD
Salma Siddique, MD
Sabrina Rahman, MD
Asem Qadeer, MD
Rubayat Qadeer, MD
Tasbirul Alam, MD



Among the ideas presented at the August meeting for activities that a Bangladesh Caucus within MSSNY would find valuable were the following:


  • Participate as MSSNY/Bangladesh caucus in street fairs/health fairs that are being set up in various localities
  • Do philanthropic fundraising by communicating to NYS physicians about humanitarian crises anywhere in the world
  • Participate in MSSNY’s State Lobby Day in Albany
  • Organize CME events
  • Host workshops, seminars in Bangladesh to share knowledge and train Bangladeshi physicians
  • Have social events featuring ethnic food and music


It was noted by participants that their identifying as a Bangladesh caucus might inspire other ethnic groups to engage in similar ways, and make such activities even more meaningful.  MSSNY, as always, is happy to be a force unifying physicians from different backgrounds, specialties, types of practice and geographic areas within the State of New York.